Sustainability (and such)

Long Live the Doctor!

Posted by Nancy Van Leuven, Ph.D. on April 25, 2011

The Doctor is dead –Long live the Doctor!  I’m loving all the leaks for “The Impossible Astronaut”, this season’s opener of Dr. Who.  Watch this BBC series and all will be much will be clearer, even Nixon’s paranoia; turns out, the President was crank-called about aliens.  And they’re creepy spacemen, the monsters you forget as soon as you look away.  I love this show because time can be rewritten and solutions are nearly always found – the kind of optimism we naively carried forth during that Watergate era when everybody realized The President of the United States can be as flawed as Everyman.  And that sudden sameness lit a fuse of power:  Simply, we could change the world.  We just needed to trust each other, listen and talk to each other, and climb from awareness to action.  As the Spring 2011 fall semester ends, I look at the students of Presidio Graduate School through Dr. Who’s eyes, shaking things up for a sustainable future, perhaps with a regeneration or two.   As you go through the “timey-wimey” bend on this planet, I hope you look directly at everybody and rely on each other to raise the bar.  And stay in touch!

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