Sustainability (and such)

Consequences of Our Clicks

Posted by Nancy Van Leuven, Ph.D. on February 1, 2012

Here’s my belated New Year’s Resolution:  I vow to stop knowing who and what the Kardashians, Lohans, and Snookis are doing in our world.  I’m pinky-swearing (with you) to stop letting the market think I crave the junk food of media.  And here’s why:

As Clay Johnson points out in today’s L.A Times article, we’re paying the price for random cruising.  “Each time you click on a salacious headline on the Huffington Post, you are not only consuming junk information you don’t need (how much more do you really need to read about J-Lo?); you’re also all but ensuring that the Huffington Post will continue to push that kind of story. Every search you make on Google is analyzed by news editors looking to see which topics are “trending” as they choose what stories to assign and put on their websites.”

SIGH.  He’s right, of course.  SO, I vow to steer clear of random clicks that might be measured as interest in what Johnson calls the junk food of media.  I’ll no longer care about relating to students and the marketing world when it comes to such poor media consumption.  And I’d better walk the walk — Back in my days as an Earth Mother, I even wrote a book about steering clear of sugar, fat, and artificial sustenance.   It’s time to alter my media diet, as well, from an obesity of ignorance.

Want to join me in creating new trending topics?

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