Sustainability (and such)

Go Green and Go Home!

Posted by Nancy Van Leuven, Ph.D. on April 28, 2012

As part of Sustainability Week at Bridgewater State University, I recently spoke about how public officials are grappling with activists about sustainability issues; specifically, I look at how administrators are talking with Occupy Wall Street and Tar Sands Action protestors.  These two movements are toppling traditional, top-down mandates by combining face-to-face interactions with tagging-based media and live-streaming.  The result:  A myriad of social justice issues, including sustainability, are molded into cross-issue discourse that is reshaping guerrilla government and leadership.  This presentation – “Go Green and Go Home!  How Public Officials and Activists are Grappling about Sustainability” – is presented in through different presentation formats.

Part One:  A Sliderocket overview of the project

Part Two:  A Slideshare Ignite talk about research findings

Part Three:  A Prezi about the broader discussion

(References are posted below)


As always, any good research project is collaborative!  Thanks to those who’ve helped with thoughts and insights, including; Deniz Leuenberger at Bridgewater State University; Danielle Newton at Global Spark; Amoshaun Toft at the University of Washington;   and Amanda Ravenhill and Ryan Kushner , who continue to be catalytic leaders about how activism can enhance sustainability goals.  To that end, I thank you all for lighting the torch that ignites public imaginations.  And, to the inspiring MPA Cohort 2 at Presidio Graduate School, I hope you continue your passion in changing the landscape of how public administrators can enhance social justice actions!

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