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Food Sovereignty: Talking About Health and Hope

Posted by Nancy Van Leuven, Ph.D. on April 11, 2013

Food.  Tradition.  Culture.  Health.  For American Indians, traditional diets of “First Foods” are being restored through food sovereignty programs.  Simply, when people take control of their own food supplies, they gain better nutrition and food security.  In the case of indigenous populations, they’re also reclaiming cultural practices that were disrupted by colonial interventions such as boarding schools and relocations.

The Food Sovereignty Summit's logo = Three Sisters philosophy.

The Food Sovereignty Summit’s logo = Three Sisters philosophy.

As always, one key to success is COMMUNICATION. 

So here’s my hope:  If you, or somebody you know, have any words of wisdom about community outreach and food security, please email:  I’m part of next week’s  Food Sovereignty Summit , a sustainability collaboration headed by the Oneida Nation.

My goal:  To create a toolbox of communication materials for any grassroots food group redefining their own local food systems. How can we better work together for access to fresh and healthy foods, branding and marketing local products, and collaborating to buy Indian/”stuff from HERE”. Have any suggestions?  Want to partner?

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