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Posted by Nancy Van Leuven, Ph.D. on December 13, 2014

Grades are in and you’re off to great adventures!  As promised, here are some take-aways:  

1.  Strengthen your resume! Employers want to know if you’re a good fit and have the necessary abilities to succeed, so list your hard and soft skills. For instance, hard skills are easily quantifiable (proficiency in content analysis and other research methods, etc.) while soft skills are less quantifiable “people” skills (time management, teamwork, collaboration, communication, feedback, etc.)  If you’ve successfully completed an online course, that’s a plus for independent working and time management.  The peer review process indicates virtual skills in collaboration and feedback.  Etc…think back to what you’ve learned and match those skills to what’s desired in job descriptions.

2. Establish your online presence by building a website (<—check out the easy instructions and add hyperlinks to your resume with samples of your work) plus working on your personal identity and branding with active words.

3. Lining up an interview?  Here are the usual questions and how to answer them.

4.  Finally, if you need a letter of recommendation, contact me.  I’ll send you a template that you’ll tailor to the job description and we’ll talk more about how to best highlight your skills!

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