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Going to an A+ movie this weekend?

Posted by Nancy Van Leuven, Ph.D. on March 13, 2019

Check out its rating in gender and race parity at the Grade My Movie project begun by @CarolineHeldman. 

The goal: “To achieve gender and race parity in films with grades that empower consumers to vote with their dollars for movies that are inclusive. Just like in school, an “A” grade means the film achieves parity in the top crew and cast positions.”  And it’s a great student project for this semester’s Media Stereotypes class at Fresno State.

WHY is this a great object of study?  “Women and people of color are vastly underrepresented in decision-making roles in Hollywood. Women make up 51% of the population in the U.S., but hold only 17% of key positions on film crews. People of color comprise 38% of the population but hold only 13% of key positions on film crews. Women and people of color are also underrepresented on the screen. Women account for just 29% of protagonists and 37% of speaking characters in the top grossing films. People of color constitute just 14% of protagonists, and only 38% of the top grossing films have a diverse cast.”

Studying the Top 100 Films of 2016, we are coding for:

  1. Director(s)
  2. Writer(s)
  3. Producer(s)
  4. First Actor/Actress listed in IMDb
  5. Second Actor/Actress listed in IMDb
  6. Third Actor/Actress listed in IMDb

Look for our research results to be posted on the GMM site!

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