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Media Literacy

WELCOME TO COMM 311 at BSU!  Click here for the Fall 2014 syllabus: COMM 311 – W02 Media Literacy Van Leuven.  Plus, here’s a page of good reference material: COMM 311 ONLINE RESOURCES.

Course Description

This course offers both a cultural contextualization of mass-, computer-, and electronically mediated communication and the tools by which students can access, analyze, evaluate, use and create media forms and content. An emphasis is placed on fostering the critical analysis and interpretation skills that contribute to the development of well-informed, independent-thinking citizens.

Objectives for Students

  • Develop and refine the critical thinking skills required to consume media more actively and intentionally
  • Better understand the media industry and how its technological and sociological changes have affected media content and reception
  • Develop sensitivity to the importance of creating effective and responsible messages
  • Acquire the methods, language, and other tools required to teach media literacy to others.


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