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Intro to PR at Fresno State!

Welcome to MCJ 152S at Fresno State University!   Materials are available on the course Blackboard page as well as on this website.

Catalog Description/Prerequisites

Introduction to the public relations field; its principles, ethical values, and methods; and its application in business, non-profit, education, and other areas. No previous courses or qualifying exams are required.

Course Purpose and Goals

The purpose of this course is to introduce you to both the theory and day-to-day practice of public relations – one of the most creative, fast-paced, challenging and sometimes misunderstood professions. Because we live in a richly diverse society, attention will be paid as to how diversity impacts and is affected by current public relations practices. The course is designed for MCJ majors and non-majors alike. Students will learn principles that can benefit virtually any kind of business enterprise or personal career. Central to this course is a service-learning assignment where students work with area community benefit organizations in a public relations capacity.


This is a web-enhanced course, so assignments will be given and grades will be tracked via Blackboard. Students are expected to use Blackboard regularly in accordance with the instructor’s directions.


  • None. We will use open source materials and other resources.


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