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Writing for PR @ BSU!

Welcome to Fall, COMM 312 at Bridgewater State University!   Materials are available on the course Moodle page as well as on this website.   To make sure online learning is right for you, please take this online course readiness survey.  For more information about successful online learning, here’s a list of successful strategies.  And here’s a tip sheet to self-enroll for our Moodle course page.

Course Description

This course will offer the student writing experience in various forms of public relations including writing assignments that would be typical in both nonprofit and business organizations. Included in this course are press releases, brochures, newsletters, feature stories and speeches. The computer is the essential technology for this course.

Course Goals /Objectives

The goal is for the student to understand and master the elements of public relations writing.  After completion of the class, participants should be able to:

  • Have a greater appreciation for the value of concise, clear writing and the necessity for revision and rewriting public relations messages.
  • Understand the importance of fact checking in preparing messages.
  • Be competent at writing for clients, for print and electronic media, and for direct (unmediated) communications.
  • Be proficient at deadline writing.
  • Understand and develop the components of an overall public relations plan, including objectives, research, implementation and evaluation strategies.
  • Be able to select appropriate message strategies and tools based on clients’ needs to carry out organizational strategies (students should understand why a tactic is used as well as how to write it).
  • Understand the resources used for the distribution of public relations materials, including wire services and media directories.

Required Texts/Materials

  • Marsh, C. et al (2012). Strategic Writing: Multimedia Writing for Public Relations, Advertising and More (3rd Ed.),Pearson Education, Inc., NJ.

Recommended Texts

  • Associated Press Stylebook.
  • Kessler, Lauren and McDonald, Duncan. (2004). When Words Collide (8th Ed), Thomson Wadsworth.

Finally, here are separate web pages for this course:

Writing for P.R. in a Narrowcast world;  Data and Google; Identity and Branding

Building your own website!;  Writing a “home page” post; Writing “About your client” page;  Writing “About me” (your online bio); How to do a Media Analysis; P.R. pieces; and an activity about how to gauge Target Audiences.

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