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About Me: Your bio!

As described in the syllabus, one of the major products of this course is a media kit that’s posted on your own website.  Knowing that employers are relying on resumes with hyperlinks that show your work, this page will help you market yourself.

Write a few paragraphs about yourself (no more than 300 words). Don’t overload with hobbies and cutesy sayings that are more appropriate for Facebook because this is a reference for future employers; rather, talk about your major, career goals, relevant courses, etc.  Here are some tips. And check out 8 Steps to Writing a Bio Like a Pro which explains:  1)  Identify your purpose; 2) Third person perspective; 3:  Micro, short, and long; 4) Start with your name; 5) State your business; 6) Throw in some personality; 7) Contact details; and 8) Read and write.

And here are some interesting bios on ABOUT pages: 21 great creative blogger bios.  Here’s where your contact info–ONLY your Gmail or Twitter names!–would go.  (NEVER EVER post your address or phone number, unless you’re ready to accept the consequences!)

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