Sustainability (and such)

Media kit pieces

Creating an online media kit? It will look something like this:

–Introduction (This press kit was created for (name of your client) with these goals in mind (talk about the client, needs, etc.)

— Deliverables:  (To help with these communication goals, I have created the following pieces…)

Note:  To insert your PDF documents — and you want to save your deliverables as PDF files so they are consistent and secure– type in the description of the piece (e.g. this brochure was created to highlight new products, etc.)  Highlight “this brochure”, go up to “Upload/Insert” at the top of the text box, click the little camera/musical notes media icon, and upload it!)

Follow this process to insert all press kit pieces with a short description:

  • Fact sheet;
  • Introductory speech;
  • News releases (announcement, feature, social media);
  • Brochure;
  • Pitch letter; and
  • PSAs.

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